In today’s world, online shopping and e-commerce have become the norm. This means that people are expecting a higher quality of packaging when they receive their products. With the Idera, corrugated packaging can be tailored to meet these needs. It makes corrugated packaging easier, more adaptable, and more suitable for these changing times.

What is IDERA and What makes it the Best Choice for Digital Print?

The IDERA single pass press is a joint venture between world-renowned Xeikon and Flint Group. Together they’ve revolutionized the way the packaging industry works through the Idera Single Pass Press. Combining decades of knowledge in digital transformation and corrugated know-how with a global manufacturing footprint, IDERA helps brands meet the ever-increasing demand for packaging and displays. This cutting-edge technology enables them to offer innovative solutions like digital single pass post-print to produce both coated and uncoated boards – white & brown – quickly and efficiently.

With IDERA’s printing solutions on the horizon, brands can now create sustainable packaging solutions that are cost-effective and customizable according to their needs. And Tristate Container Corporation is excited to be the FIRST to house the machinery and soon offer this service to our customer base.

IDERA’s Innovative Digital Printing Technologies. This highly advanced printing equipment allows us to print on corrugated materials with exceptional speed and accuracy, making it ideal for producing high-quality packaging. The ability to print on both coated & uncoated boards – white & brown, will greatly benefit our customers as it streamlines the packaging production process.

The new scalable investment model is highly flexible, allowing for an in-line primer and varnish, as well as a wide range of productivity and print settings. With Digital single pass post print capabilities, your packaging and displays will have an excellent finish every time. In addition, the IDERA Single Pass Press is revolutionizing how food packaging is printed. Its water-based inkjet printing offers a safer and more sustainable solution for post-print corrugated packaging.

Tristate, Xiekon and Flint Group Partner Together To Bring The IDERA to The US

Tristate’s third location in Bucks County, PA, currently houses the IDERA Single Pass Press. In the last year our team’s thanks to our hard work and dedication, our team is almost near completion of the installation. Tristate aims to stay ahead of the curve in the printing and corrugated packaging industry. With the introduction of their IDERA Single Pass Press, they can offer their customers the highest quality product packaging with quick turnaround times once installation and testing have been completed.

The IDERA Single Pass Press is designed with cutting-edge technology that allows for improved efficiency and accuracy. This means that Tristate Container can keep up with the latest printing and corrugated market trends. Using this press, they can provide we can provide our customers with a wide array of product packaging options that meet their exact specifications.

Showcase your branding with custom boxes. Whether you are determining your box size or printing type, it’s important to have an understanding of what your goal for your boxes will be utilized to help your brand grow. With so many options to consider, you can ensure that your boxes make a lasting impression.

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